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​Bødkervej 1-3

​DK-5750 Ringe

Tel.: +45 62 62 52 30

Company profile

Jugo-Dan A/S
Is a stable company with over thirty years of experience as a supplier of industrial ventilation and sound damping. We have 25 employees.

We are suppliers to companies, both in Denmark and abroad.

We have a wealth of expertise and experience in the Combined Heat and Power (CHP) industry. This industry has found a high-profile partner in Jugo-Dan A/S and this has meant that we have been involved in the construction of over 500 CHP plants. The components that comprise our products are manufactured in our own workshop, by experienced professionals.

Jugo-Dan A/S assumes the role of developer in the complete delivery of a given project.

Jugo-Dan A/S manufactures sandwich panels that are an element of many of our products, including for:

low-noise ventilation, divider walls, cold room walls, fire walls, heat insulated office buildings and the assembly of plants in Denmark and abroad.​

Jugo-Dan A/S is a supplier of the following:

  • ​Ventilation systems for CHP plants
  • ​Sound damping booths
  • ​Silencers
  • ​Ventilators
  • ​Advice and dimensioning
  • ​Back-up power systems

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Telephone: ​​+45 62 62 52 30

Fax: +45 62 62 32 58

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Company Information

​Jugo-Dan A/S​

Bødkervej 1-3, DK-5750 Ringe

CVR: 29807140

Contact Information

+45 62 62 32 58​

Who are Jugo-Dan A/S

Thirty years of experience in the supply of industrial ventilation and sound damping, with 25 employees.

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