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Roller shutter, grated

Roller shutter, grated


Jugo-Dan's gratings are used to terminate intake or outlet channels on ventilation and cooling systems or to terminate natural ventilation openings.

The grate is made of materials that make it suitable for both internal and external installation, the grating being constructed as a galvanised framework and fitted with angled galvanised slats. The trailing edge is equipped with a lip that forms a water stop and at the front, there is a drip cap.

The reverse of the construction features a fine mesh bird net, which birds the size of sparrows are unable to pass through. Grates with slats longer than 1 metre are supplied with reinforcement ribs to prevent the slats from vibrating.

The grate is installed in an appropriately sized opening and forms a neat finish on the frontage. See sketch. The grates can be supplied in other materials and colours, depending on the task.

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